Sedelon Bronze Gate Valve

Sedelon is a professional manufacturer of bronze gate valves. Our bronze gate valves are of high quality and high user satisfaction. Bronze gate valves are preferred by many sectors due to their strengths: simple structure, small fluid resistance, wide applications, labor-saving operation, etc. In addition, the sealing surface is subjected to less scouring and erosion by medium. Generally, they are suitable for water, seawater, oil, steam and other media. Bronze gate valves are mainly applied to severe in harsh working conditions that are required to withstand strongly corrosive environment. For instance, they are generally used in desalination platform and offshore drilling platform.

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Sedelon Valve Knowledge Science - Common Failures and Preventive Measures of Valves

Sedelon Valve Knowledge Science - Common Failures and Preventive Measures of Valves

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How to solve the leakage problem of stainless steel knife gate valve

During the application of stainless steel knife gate valve, if there is a leakage problem, it will affect the usage of the valve. Different leaks require different solutions.

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The Advantages of Sedelon Ball Valve

The closure part of ball valve is a ball which can rotate around the stem axis 90 degree to realize the purpose of opening and closing.

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Sedelon Seal Face Material Selection Factors

The seal face is of great significance of valves, and the quality of it directly affects the service life of valves. In addition, the material of seal face is an important element to ensure its quality. Therefore, there are five factors when choosing valve seal face material.

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To Prevent and Control the COVID-19, Sedelon Has Been In Action

In 2022, the COVID-19 rebounded in various regions of China. Fortunately, there is no confirmed case of COVID-19 in our district so far.

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Sedelon® Big Size Gate Valve

Thanks for our customers' continuous support. These big size gate valves are delivered recently.

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Bellows seal gate valve - Sedelon Valve

Sedelon Valve can produce high-quality bellows seal gate valves.

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Sedelon back to work from the Spring Holiday!

Dear Valued Customer, Hope everything going pretty well on you.

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1500cycles at 300℃! SEDELON got the ISO 15848-1 CO2 Fugitive Emission Certificate

SEDELON passed the fugitive emission test successfully for 8inch 900LB gate valve with total 1500cycles at high temperature 300℃. We are very satisfied about the test result and very excited to get the ISO 15848-1 Fugitive Emission Certificate.

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Sedelon Heat Treatment Introduction

Heat treatment is a metal thermal processing technology which can realize the material that in solid state to obtain the expected structure and performance through the means of heating, heat preservation and cooling, that is, to improve the internal quality of the work-piece.

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Sedelon Wish You Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is coming.

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