Sedelon Pneumatic Ball Valve

Date:2023-08-07 02:19:17 click:473

Sedelon has recently produced a batch of ball valves with Rotork pneumatic actuators.

The Rotork pneumatic actuator adopts a top mounted structure, which reduces the connection bolts of the valve body itself under high pressure and large size conditions, enhances the reliability of the valve and can overcome the impact of system weight on the normal operation of the valve.

Rotork pneumatic actuators are widely used as flow separation and flow switching devices for medium in pipelines such as coal chemical, petrochemical, rubber, papermaking, pharmaceutical, etc.

The following are the specifications of pneumatic actuators and valves for reference:

Brand & Model: Rotork & GP-085C-335A/C4D

Actuator Pneumatic, Single-Acting Piston Type, Spring Return, Scotch Yoke.

Air Failure: Fail closed

Panel Mounted on Actuator

Solenoid valve 24VDC, 1/4" FNPT, M20x1.5

Air Filter Regulator

Positioner, M20x1.5

Solenoid & Positioner Approval: ATEX/IECEX

Trunnion Ball Valve,Split Body,3 Piece

Size: 6”

Pressure: 600LB

Connection ends: Flange RF

Bore: Full Bore

Body: A105N

Ball&Seat: SS316

Stem: 17-4PH

Seat Insert: Devlon