SEDELON Valve Knowledge Science-An Introduction to RGD Elastomer (Delta-ring)

Date:2024-01-03 09:41:51 click:101

Rapid Gas decompression (RGD) resistance, also known as Anti Explosive Decompression (AED), is widely used in Energy, Oil & Gas industries. The most frequently used materials are Viton or FKM.

The RGD elastomer, also known as the delta-ring, is a type of elastomer material that has excellent resistance to wear, tear, and deformation. In ball valves, this type valve seat embedded with RGD elastomer (delta-ring) combined with ball to form a seal pair and use engineering plastic insert to create additional sealing effect, it also can protect delta-ring and ball, thus ensuring the stability of the entire valve seal.

RGD elastomer has the following advantages:

1. Tight and reliable seal between the ball and the valve body. Helps to prevent leaks.

2. High resistance to wear, tear, and abrasion. It can also withstand exposure to to corrosive medium.

3. Excellent flexibility. It can be stretched, compressed and conform to the ball and valve body without losing their shape or mechanical properties due to its unique shape.