Sedelon Lift/Piston check valve

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                                Sedelon Lift/Piston check valve

Product detailsLift check valve

Size: DN300

Pressure: PN40

Material: LCB

Connection: FLange end

The lift check valve is a valve that prevents the back flow of the pipeline medium. It is mainly composed of valve body, valve seat, valve disc, valve cover and other related components.

The function of this type of valve is to only allow the medium to flow in one direction and prevent reverse flow. Usually, the valve is automatically operated, and the valve disc is opened by the fluid pressure flowing in one direction; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and the self-reclosing valve disc of the valve disc act on the valve seat to cut off the flow.

Sedelon Valve is a professional manufacturer of lift check valves.