Colorful Valves in Sedelon

Date:2019-01-16 08:20:15 click:1379

Colorful Valves in Sedelon


Our company produces various valves. We can produce according to customers' requirements, for instance: painting. 

The valves can be painted in a variety of colors, pieced together into a colorful rainbow.


Now, let us introduce painting procedures to you:

1. Before painting, the outside surface shall be cleaned and is not allowed to have defects such as oxide skin, rust and debris.

2. Primer coating (two films, 2-3 hours per films) and dry completely.

The primer coating will be painted evenly, and not allowed to have defects such as excessive thickness, flow marks, exposed bottom, and debris.

3. Finish coating ( two films, 3-5 hours per films ) and dry completely. The finish coating should be even and smooth, and not allowed to have defects such as wrinkles, flow marks, exposed bottom or debris

4. Check the film thickness and appearance

5. After the paint is fully dried, the paint surface and paint thickness should be inspected. The paint surface shall be visually inspected, and the surface shall be smooth, bright, and even in color, and shall not have any appearance quality defects such as patterns, scratches, and uneven thickness.


Here we attach 2 colorful pictures for your appreciation. May your life be as wonderful & colorful as the rainbow.