Ni-Al Bronze C95800 FF Reduced Bore Bolting PTFE Ball Valve

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Ni-Al Bronze C95800 FF Reduced Bore Bolting PTFE Ball Valve


There are various of colors of PTFE, for examnple, red, white, blue, etc.


This time, customers need bolting Lining PTFE, Blue color, and bolting lines PTFE have many advantages:

1)High temperature resistant-------The working temperature can reach 250 ℃.

2)Low temperature resistance--------Good mechanical toughness,even if the temperature drops to -196 ℃,it can also keep 5% elongation.

3)Corrosion resistance---------Be resistant to strong acids, bases, water and organic solvents for most chemicals and solvents.


Sedelon ®Valve description:

Nominal size: 2 x 1-1/2 inch

Nominal class: 300 LB.

Body Material:B148 C95800

Ball:B148 C95800

Stem: MONEL 400

Seal: Viton

Connection ends: Flange FF.

Test and inspection: API 598.

Application : Sea water.