Sedelon Painting Process Instruction

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                    Sedelon Painting Process Instruction


    Painting acts as a protection for the valves to avoid getting rusty. In order to make a good anti-corrosion effect, the valve will be painted. Usually stainless steel and bronze valves will not painted due to those material have corrosion resistance.

Generally there are 7 steps for painting:

The first step is Cleaning, and the second step is Degreasing. We will clean and degrease the valve by a ultrasonic cleaning machine.Thirdly, dry the valve by blowing. Then we will start to spray the primer coat. After primer coating, we will spray the finishing coat. Next the valve will move to the drying room and will be dried automatically. Finally, we will use the wall thickness gauge to measure the paint thickness.

Here is the picture of measuring painting thickness .