Sedelon ® Hydraulic Actuator Operated DIN Standard Gate Valve

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Sedelon ® Hydraulic Actuator Operated DIN Standard Gate Valve


This is Sedelon 's hydraulic actuator gate valve.

The main structure is :  DIN Standard Gate Valve  Flanged RF

                    Body: CF8 , Trim: ss304 with seat stellited.

                    Hydraulic operated alongwith Non-explosion- proof solenoid valve with 2 hoses pipes & Fittings


Hydraulic actuator valves are mainly used in power plants, petrochemical plants.

The work of the hydraulic actuator valves needs the support of the external hydraulic system. The operation of the hydraulic actuator valve should be equipped with a hydraulic station and an oil pipeline.

The output driving force of the hydraulic actuator is higher than that of the pneumatic actuator and the electric actuator, and the output torque of the hydraulic actuator can be adjusted precisely according to the requirements, and it can be reflected through the hydraulic instrument.

The transmission of hydraulic actuators valve is more stable and reliable, with buffering and no impact phenomenon, which is suitable for the working environment with higher requirements for transmission.The hydraulic actuator has high adjustment precision, fast response speed and can realize high precision control.

Valves with hydraulic actuator are driven by hydraulic mode. Because there will not be the common ignition phenomenon of electric equipment in the operation process, the explosion-proof performance is higher than that of electric actuators.