Motorized Valve Manufacturer in China --- SEDELON®

Date:2018-12-14 07:37:40 click:853

Motorized Valve Manufacturer in China --- SEDELON®


Motorized valve also be known as electric actuator valve. A valve actuator is the mechanism for opening and closing a valve. The advantage for using power-operated actuators is they allow a valve to be adjusted remotely, or allow rapid operation of large valves. But manually operated valves require someone in attendance, which is not convenient for some projects.


The electric actuator uses an electric motor to operate a valve by providing torque. They can be divided into on-off type and smart control type generally.

Multi-turn electric valve actuator is used for gate valve, globe valve, diaphragm valve, etc.

Partial rotary electric valve actuator is used for ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, etc.


SEDELON exported a batch of motorized gate valves recently, following partial photos for your reference.