Sedelon Bare Stem Swing Check Valve

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Sedelon Bare Stem Swing Check Valve


Sedelon produced bare stem swing check valve.It can be used to install electric or pneumatic actuator.The quality of the material makes the valve resistant to corrosion medium.This valve can be used in sewage treatment, power plant and industrial fields.


The specification is as below.


Pressure rating:600LB

Connection Type: Flanges
Body :Carbon Steel WCB

valve features:It can be opened and closed by the medium pressure to prevent the back flow of the medium in the pipeline.


The bare stem check valve has light disc, large opening, remarkable power saving effect, small fluid resistance,novel design of eliminating mechanism,highly sealing performance, wear resistance, service life, stable operation etc.


The valve is operated by the fluid pressure flowing in one direction, and disc is opened; when the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the fluid pressure and self-closing of the disc is act on the valve seat, thereby it can cutting off the flow.